Halle Berry, Getting Married Again?

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Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Halle Berry hasn’t had the best luck with men. She’s been married twice, has a baby daddy, and now she’s going to get married again!!!

I remember Halle saying that she would never marry again after her last marriage failed. But I guess she’s finally met the right guy?

Halle was married in 1993 to David Justice, a former baseball player. The couple split in 1996. She then married Eric Bennet in 2003, but that marriage ended as well in 2006.

The last serious relationship she was in was with Gabriel Aubry. The couple met at a photo shoot in 2005 and had one child together. The couple split in 2010 and as of recent have been having issues sharing custody of their daughter.

So who’s Halle’s new husband to be? Oliver Martinez, who Halle has been with since 2010. Perhaps the third time’s a charm? Here’s hoping it is girl!

Martinez proposed with an nontraditional ring. Instead of the normal diamond solitaire, the ring contains a rather large emerald. You can see a pic of Hall’e ring here!

So much for never marrying again! Perhaps it takes giving up all hope to once again be surprised by Prince Charming…



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