Whitney Houston Dead In Her Coffin: National Enquirer Publishes Photo

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National Enquirer, 2012

National Enquirer, 2012

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Whitney Houston[/lastfm] has been all the buzz in her death, but has the National Enquirer taken it too far? The publication which is renowned for setting the bar very, very low has decided to publish a cover story featuring a photo of Whitney in an open casket!

At the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey before Whitney Houston’s burial last weekend, the ‘Enquirer’ grabbed a photo of Whitney resting peacefully in her casket…

whitney houston casket funeral1 Whitney Houston Dead In Her Coffin: National Enquirer Publishes Photo

National Enquirer

Somehow the magazine thought it was appropriate to put an unauthorized picture of the late singer’s dead body on every newsstand in America.

The tabloid says Houston was “finally at peace after a tumultuous and troubled life in the spotlight.”

Turning a moment of peace and reflection for the friend and family of Whitney Houston – into a tabloid spectacle…

It’s certainly poor taste and the establishment of a new low for the National Enquirer!

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