Lindsay’s Court Room Fashion

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lilo fashion Lindsays Court Room Fashion

Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan was back in court yesterday to be officially charged with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice Beach jewelry store. The judge laid down the law and set a trail date for Lindsay’s hearing for February 23rd. He also warned the actress that if she in any way, shape, or form breaks the law that she will be held without bail. He made it clear that she will not be given special treatment. We shall see what happens in a few weeks.

If you watched the live internet feed of her meeting with the Judge or saw any pictures, you may have noticed how awesome Lindsay looked. I don’t think she’s looked this good in a long time. But what did you think of her outfit choice for court? It’s the white fitted sweater dress you see in the picture above!

Here’s a full length pic of Lindsay’s court room attire.

lilo dress Lindsays Court Room Fashion

Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images

People are coming down on Lindsay saying that she made a bad choice with this dress. It was short and tight and sent the wrong message. During her appearance, Lindsay and her white dress pled not guilty to the charges.

So why are people all up in arms with this dress? TMZ said that her dress was very similar to the stylings of Sharon Stone in the movie Basic Instinct. We all know what goes down in that movie!!! Normally when a person heads to court, they should be dressed like they’re going to church or the temple.

I think she looked awesome in her dress! She wasn’t showing that much skin. If the dress had a plunging neckline, maybe I’d understand why people are freaking out. But Lindsay’s like 23 not 80!!! And maybe there was something more to her outfit choice. The dress was white and white is associated with innocence.

But we will soon see if her white dress sent the message of innocence as she’ll be back in court on the 23rd.

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